Work in Progress

I am currently working on Education, Mindfulness and Educology. In this book, I address the issue of how education contributes to the development of mindfulness in human development. Education is taken to be the process in which someone intentionally teaches and someone else intentionally studies under guidance some content in some setting (including physical, social and cultural) with the view in mind of achieving some worthwhile extension of the students’ range of knowing and understanding. The human psyche consists of experiencing conation, perception and cognition. Education is not the only process which contributes to the development of the human psyche, but to the extent that it does, it does so through extending the mindfulness of human beings. The extension of mindfulness of human beings improves their ability to choose and justify worthwhile goals, to undertake rational, well informed, intelligent action toward achieving consciously chosen worthwhile goals and to solve problems through rational, well disciplined inquiry. This book will be available as both an e-book and a paperback, and I anticipate publication in the latter part of 2017.